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This website has a lot of useful material to prepare you for speaking sections.
by on 5/29/2014 10:34 PM

There are tons of different topics and essays that are related to the TOEFL speaking section. I wasn't preparing for the TOEFL too much but I can say that the material on this site helped me a lot in pronunciation of words, faster reading. It just gave me a lot of self-confidence. You should really read a lot of essays and books and practice speaking for your TOEFL test, it doesn't need to be related to TOEFL, but if you read some books in English it will help you a lot in pronunciation and your voice will look more professional and you will acquire English accent. This website has a lot of MP3s and PDFs you can download for free, print it out and read them loud. There are bunch of sample questions and answers provided there. It helped me a lot and it was gave me a lot of confidence in speaking sections. There are 6 section types on the site related to TOEFL, and there are bunch of useful material inside them. When I was doing my speaking section, I've used most of the tips and material from the "Perfect phrases for the TOEFL speaking and writing" book and this online course.

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