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by zlatan90 on 2/2/2014 11:45 AM

TOEFL test is very challenging test of English Language. It’s not something you can learn overnight. So, it’s better to prepare as best as you can. It would be better if you can do it as better as you can so you don't have to take is second or third time, because, you will agree with me, $180 is not so small amount of money to take the test couple of time. So, you will need some dedication and a good will.

When I was taking the test for the first time (which was sometime in the beginning of 2009) I haven’t really prepared for it so much. I’ve learned some English from the TV’s, movies and in the High School and that was all. Actually I also have some English summer course which last only one month but that was ...

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by melodydeo on 7/22/2014 5:39 AM

I used to live in the Philippines since I was born, and in our country, English is like the second language being used. Even though that is the case, I still struggle to speak in English because I am not confident enough with my speaking skills. That is why when I had to study in Australia and knew that I had to take the TOEFL test, I signed up to an English test review center.

In the review center, they required the test takers (including me) to take a diagnostic TOEFL test first to identify the areas of strength and weakness of a test taker. My weakness was clearly in Speaking, and I did okay in Reading, Listening, and Writing parts. So, my coach taught me techniques on how to answer the Speaking questions in a clear, cohesive manner. She gave ...

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by exanimo07 on 7/21/2014 5:44 PM

I'm a registered nurse here in my country and I want to work in Nevada, USA. Taking TOEFL is a requirement if you want to apply for licensure. My required score is 84 total score and 26/30 in speaking section. I decided to take the test last March 2, 2014. I started my preparation two months before my exam date. I had a lot of resources and I practiced with some test takers like me. I didn't enroll in a TOEFL course because I was quite confident with my communication skills. My second language is English and I started learning the language since grade school. In my first try, I got 94/120 but I need to retake it because I just got 24/30 in speaking. In my second try last April 12th, my score was lower because I was ...

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