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I found it incredibly useful. My score increased mightily.
by on 6/22/2014 10:34 PM

I was very skeptical about the whole in-classroom test prep format. I believed that by self-studying, I would optimize my own score. Before taking the class, I did not feel as though the few hundred dollars would be worth it - that I would be spending a few hours each week taking tests that I could find online.

However, after taking the course, I found it incredibly useful. My score increased mightily. I owe it to the course for providing me with a strong foundation. The practice truly helped. My teacher was especially demanding yet understanding. He pushed us in a way that helped us excel.

Kaplan provides strategies that are tailored for each specific question. For example, without giving too much away about their secrets to success, word association problems can be worded in a particular way to confuse the test-taker. However, using Kaplan strategies, narrowing down the correct answer or even to the point where your chances have increased is possible. The bi-weekly SAT practice tests made sure we were on top of our game constantly. In-class competitions made students think faster and harder helping time management. Group work allowed us to learn from our peers; something you can't get from individual study.

Overall, I found Kaplan's in-classroom SAT test prep to be very informative and beneficial. Kaplan guarantees a significant increase in your score. Furthermore, if you are not happy with your score even after taking the test, the company allows you to retake the course FOR FREE. Yes, for free. I utilized that and took the course again and even further increased my score for the SAT. I would definitely recommend taking this course. While it may be defeating to spend the money on an SAT course, you will feel victorious after you see the improvement of your score.

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