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Do Not Be Afraid to Outsource Your Test Prep.
by on 5/29/2014 10:34 PM

I do not mean to have someone else study and take the SAT for you. I mean do not be afraid to turn to the experts who make their living knowing all of the tips and tricks of standardized tests and who can convey that knowledge to you in a relatively short period of time. I prepared for the SAT with Kaplan Test Prep, specifically their Private Tutoring for 15 hours. This was my first experience using a test prep company to prepare for a standardized test, and I would highly recommend entrusting your preparation to the experts at Kaplan. I valued the experience so much that I paid for the tutoring at Kaplan again when I studied for the LSAT.

I will be the first to say that private tutoring is not inexpensive, and some might classify it as a splurge. However, if you can save up the money to invest in your future on the front end, I believe that you will see significant results both in your test score and in the scholarships that you will qualify for when you apply to colleges. The tutoring program may pay for itself in the first year of reduced tuition, and every year after it will remind you that private tutoring is the gift that keeps on giving.

I first took the SAT in June of 2002, and I was pleased, although not ecstatic, with my results. I took the SAT for the first time after doing quite well on the PSAT and knowing that standardized tests came easily to me. Except for timing. I was never a fast test-taker. When I received my first score, I knew that I needed to improve my timing on the test overall, and polish my vocabulary. I thought that the vocabulary section had the most potential for a score increase as if I just learned the most commonly tested vocabulary words and recognized them on the test, it seemed like easy points on my score. This section does not have a lot of leeway in the answers, so I would recommend spending a decent amount of time bolstering your vocabulary.

After working over the summer and early fall with the Kaplan tutoring test prep program, I felt much more confident about the SAT and my speed increased without sacrificing accuracy. The SAT causes high anxiety in many high school students because they are well aware of the high stakes of the test. A high score can mean admission to the college of your choice and possibly the scholarship to help that dream come true. A bad day of testing or a lower score due to lack of preparation (many ask how you can study for a test that is only scoring on test-taking ability, rather than retained knowledge as in a school exam) can result in the need to lower future expectations as to where to attend college. That is why working with a company like Kaplan who specializes in test prep can help assuage this anxiety and make you feel ready and relaxed come test day and prepared to do your best.

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