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PMP Tips From Past Test Takers

by niteshrs on 9/11/2013 9:20 AM

If you decide to start, you will definitely make your way to PMP

For most of us who are procrastinating, believe me that you will pass your PMP exam the day you decide to start. There are many reasons to believe:

1) PMP exam is not a tough battle, it only requires a structured approach as you manage your projects

2) It is really not hard to study, you only have to understand the concepts

3) There is always a second chance, at the worst in case you fail, so do not worry

I was fumbling upon many a times whether I would be able to invest a justifiable time required to prepare for the exam. There is a job pressure, there is work load, personal things to settle down lot of hurdles on your way to actually decide when to take the exam. This is why ...

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by TroyBeyer on 9/10/2013 8:52 PM

Not only have I gone through the process of successfully passing the PMI PMP Certification Exam on my first attempt, I now teach exam preparation courses to help others gain the valuable credential. There is no better way of learning than by doing, and taking lots of sample tests, quizzes, and practice exams is a key to passing the PMP Certification Exam.

I've answered several of the same questions frequently for my students, and am providing that information here for you. There are also tips, tricks, and techniques in the course of studying and taking the exam that you should know, and I'm sharing them as well. If you follow the step-by-step process I outline, practice lots of example questions, and take a study course, you will be as prepared as possible to pass the exam!

To start, you ...

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by abradley79 on 10/12/2013 2:51 PM

I spent a few months figuring out my strategy for preparing to pass the PMP exam. I had a copy the PMBOK, and could not get pass the first few pages without being bored, and keeping focus. I then tried the Rita test materials, and found those too complicated. Finally, I decided to spend roughly $2000 on a test prep course. I searched for a week, and finally found It is similar to many other test prep courses, offering: online and in classroom training, roughly 98% pass rate on the first try, practice exams, text book to follow, etc.

What sold me on PMstudy was the dates the boot camp was offered. Most testing boot camps are Monday - Thursday, and some companies don't allow you to use this time as training, especially if ...

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by sk_consulting on 9/19/2013 4:00 PM

Stressed about taking the PMP exam? Don't's how I cracked it:

1. Obtain the essential books you need to prepare:

- PMBOK Guide (make sure you are aware which test edition you are taking)

- Rita Mulcahy's PMP® Exam Prep [Book] + CD

- Online or boot camp class to complete the 30+ required training hours

2. Ensure you have enough PM hours for the application, PMI requires minimum 4500. Its best to list everything you did to avoid a potential audit (I qualified for 9400 hrs). Also have references handy.

3. Read the PMBOK, understand the frameworks and dependencies....i.e. KNOW the Inputs & Outputs (very important)

4. Read Rita McCahy's book at least 2-3 times, highlight key concepts/tricks of the trade, complete in-book exercises, sample questions etc.

5. Take the exams from the CD....complete each process area inside & out. Read questions carefully and UNDERSTAND why ...

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by artcua on 9/10/2013 6:05 AM

Before anything else, make sure you check the version of the PMP exam you're taking. You may be using an outdated material, and some topics may have changed.

PMI has set a very strict qualification criteria before allowing anyone to take the PMP certification exam. This is just right, as a mix of classroom training, self-study, and real-life project management experience is necessary in order to pass and be certified. You can't pass on reading project management books alone.

Assuming you are qualified to take the exam, a certain amount of time is still needed to read some PMP materials, internalize them, and review again and again. It wouldn't hurt to take some practice exams as well, to give you a feel of how the real exam would be like. Practice exams would also ...

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by Iram Hasan on 9/14/2013 8:20 PM

My background

By education, I am a statistician and by profession, I am an educator. I have over 15 years of teaching experience at graduate and masters level in teaching statistics and operations research to a wide variety of students. I have also been providing freelance tutoring and consulting to university students in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

During my career, I had been involved in a number of educational projects but I had no formal training or education in project management as such. It was not as late as I got married that I was lured into the world of PMI. My husband holds all the certifications PMI has ever offered and is a master trainer for anything to do with project management. He was the one who had shown me the way to orient my project experiences ...

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by swaheed1 on 9/11/2013 4:26 PM

To me, the journey helped me a lot to expand myself and my ability as a better project manager, not just to pass the exam. After passing PMI PMP Certification Exam on my first attempt, I now engage myself teaching exam preparation courses to service others to gain the credential.

I was searching over couple of months whether I would be able to invest a reasonable time required to prepare for the exam. Though I still fill, I should engage myself some more times but the reason of success is that I read through and understand the concepts, not tried to memorize that.

In order to qualify for the exam, PMI has set very strict qualification criteria that are mixture of classroom training, self-study and experience that are available at in detail. Before you start taking preparation, be sure you ...

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by naveedahmed on 10/3/2013 10:10 AM

Following are some of the tips that helped me and my friends to pass the PMP Exam.

1- First of all convince yourself that you really need to attempt and pass the exam. You need to know the value that it can bring in your career. You must not attempt the exam just because someone said to you that it will look good on your profile. You should know exactly what good it can do for you.

2-Make a plan and stick to it. You should make a study plan where you should cover the course at least three times. This plan should also include practicing exam questions. The plan sohuld be in such a way that it gives you a chance to study everyday. For example if you plan to study 12 hours per week then it should be 2 hours ...

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by vishwadeepak_choudhary on 10/4/2013 6:21 PM

PMP exam is considered one of the toughest professional exams and passing rate is quite low. People study for months before appearing in exam but there happens many unfortunate results. And the only reason behind that unsuccessful attempt is that they could not get clarity on basic concepts of subject matter. Questions in exam are not tough but appears confusing because all the four options would seem to be correct. Here PMI only tries to test your basic knowledge. If you understand the subject clearly, you would be able to pick up correct answer. Now you would have this question hovering in your mind: how do you test yourself whether you understand any topic clearly? So remember if you are able to draw line while comparing any subject with another, you understand them and if you cannot then it indicates ...

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by kupai on 2/2/2015 3:03 PM

PMStudy does not care for their customers and are horribly rude. AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!!

I registered for PMStudy about 20 days ago.

I had taken a day off to study 10 hours on my registration day. After paying via pay-pal I did not receive my login password, they had no proper support except an email address that took them 5 hours to respond. I filed a complaint with paypal that I had not received my product. After 5 hours PMstudy admin "support" sent me an email telling me that they will not send me my access email unless I revoke my complaint!!! They literally held my access hostage! Paypal will not let you re-file a case if you revoke, according to paypal the merchant should fix their problem first!!

After wasting 24 hours, and much headache, they gave sent me my access email!!

Several times ...

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by beacon on 9/14/2013 8:52 PM

eBook - Strategies for Passing PMP Exam


Suhail Iqbal, PgMP, PMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-SP, PMI-ACP, CAPM, PRINCE2 Practitioner, MCT

Focus: PMP Testing

Nature of Work: Suggestions/Guidelines

eBook - Strategies for Passing PMP Exam

Making up your Mind

Before you decide to go for PMP Certification, you must first get convinced if it is really for you. Do not get into this if you are not really serious about becoming a certified Project Management Professional. Just because your colleagues have done it, does not make it a potent reason for you to make an attempt. It could be a good motivation but if you do not align this motivation with your personal and professional growth objectives, you stand no good chance to get anywhere near getting certified. Mind it, PMP is serious business and is unlike any other exam or certification.

It is easy to convince yourself ...

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by jennycatw on 8/22/2013 12:00 AM

I'd read the PMBOK in its entirely and take at least one test prep class. In addition to the test prep class, I'd suggest taking as many practice tests as you can.

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by taymour on 9/8/2013 10:53 PM

My advice for people gettin ready to study for the PMP test is " during your studying dont take break more than three days otherwise you will lose all the information you studied

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Test Preparation Tips

Kaizen - My journey to PMP certification - Before anything else, make sure you check the version of the PMP exam you're taking. You may be using an outdated material, and some topics may have changed. PMI has set a very strict ...

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