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* Warning * Not giving me Refund $1899
by on 12/24/2015 8:36 PM

Before I joined, instruction told me their success rates are 95.5% and they have online 100% Money Back gurenteed!! I joined, and I went thru 4 days boot camp, and failed first exam, me asking for money and they are giving me hard times, most likely I will NOT get my $1899 back from my OWN Pocket plus I lost my $555 fees. I am unemployed and now my first priority is look for Job then, work with PMP later on, but NOT Now. ** BE AWARE BEFORE YOU JOIN ** Especially, YOU PAYING FROM YOUR OWN POCKET.** DONOT BE FOOL, tons of PMP Youtube, websites, $99 questions, tons of info. you can find online source do-not to spend $2000 !! Unless, your company is paying then its OK who cares.!!


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Highly recommended. PMstudy saved me many months of wasteful prep.
by on 2/2/2015 3:06 PM

I spent a few months figuring out my strategy for preparing to pass the PMP exam. I had a copy the PMBOK, and could not get pass the first few pages without being bored, and keeping focus. I then tried the Rita test materials, and found those too complicated. Finally, I decided to spend roughly $2000 on a test prep course. I searched for a week, and finally found It is similar to many other test prep courses, offering: online and in classroom training, roughly 98% pass rate on the first try, practice exams, text book to follow, etc.

What sold me on PMstudy was the dates the boot camp was offered. Most testing boot camps are Monday - Thursday, and some companies don't allow you to use this time as training, especially if you are billing a client, but PMstudy offered the bootcamp on consecutive weekend (Saturday, Sunday, Saturday, Sunday). This was perfect for me as it allowed me to continue working, and use the week between classes to ensure that I new the material that the class was trained on.

The instructor was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and continued to enforce upon the classroom that what we go over in class may or may not be how an individual works on certain projects, but that we have to envision ourselves in the PMP world and focus on what is PMP recommended to manage a project or projects.

The materials were great and very easy to follow and included:

- Workbook

- Chapter Test booklet

- Final Test booklet

- Process Charts

- Evaluation Test

The materials that I found most valuable were the Process Charts and Workbook.

We were encouraged to understand the Processes, including the inputs, outputs, and tools associated to each process. Each day we spent 15 minutes in the morning drawing out the entire process chart on sheet of paper. The goal of this is to brain dump this information so we do not have issues recalling it during the test. During the week between the weekend classes, I focused on making sure I could recall and brain dump this information down. I would say the answers to at least 75% of the PMP test was noted in the Process Chart.

Being able to recreate the Process Chart was important, but having an understanding and scenario based questions was key in knowing how the processes interact with one another, which was covered/explained in the Workbook.

The workbook was easily broken down, had clear definitions, and did not have too much detail. It only had information specific to the PMP test, not for project management. Another study approach that PMstudy implemented was the use of color highlighters, yellow, orange, and blue. We would highlight specific words and phrases that would be in questions on the exam:

Yellow - 100% chance it would be on the test

Orange - 75% chance it would be on the test

Blue - 50% chance it would be on the test

After the 2nd weekend of online training, I set a goal to take the test within 3 weeks. Everyday I went through the exam scenario, brain dump the process chart, review 1 chapter of the Workbook, and then login to to take a practice exam.

The practice exam is very similar to the actual exam, with 200 questions and you have 4 hours to complete, and the PMstudy instructor advised us to wait until we averaged about 80%-85% on the practice exam before taking the PMP. For the first two weeks I was averaging around 70% on the exam, and decided my focus would be on ensuring I understood everything highlighted in the Workbook, then take practice exams a few days before the PMP. This approached helped my raise my practice scores to 80%.

On the day of the exam, we were given a blank sheet of paper to brain dump, and write equations out. I was able to recreate the Process Chart without any issues, and the few equations we were prepped on as well. I completed the test in about 1.5 hours, then spent 15 minutes reviewing the 10-20 questions I flagged, changing some answers, but keeping most of them the same.

I highly recommend using PMstudy for the preparation for the PMP. Although I had to pay $1899 out of pocket to cover the cost, I was able to take and pass the exam in about a month, saving me many months of wasteful prep.

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Terrible source and terrible admin support
by on 2/2/2015 3:03 PM

PMStudy does not care for their customers and are horribly rude. AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!!

I registered for PMStudy about 20 days ago.

I had taken a day off to study 10 hours on my registration day. After paying via pay-pal I did not receive my login password, they had no proper support except an email address that took them 5 hours to respond. I filed a complaint with paypal that I had not received my product. After 5 hours PMstudy admin "support" sent me an email telling me that they will not send me my access email unless I revoke my complaint!!! They literally held my access hostage! Paypal will not let you re-file a case if you revoke, according to paypal the merchant should fix their problem first!!

After wasting 24 hours, and much headache, they gave sent me my access email!!

Several times during my 30 days subscription, their sign in and course-access page was not working and I was not able to access my course. Imagine a Sunday you stay home to use the website and you CANNOT. they do not pay back of course!!


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Ensure you have enough time to prepare for the test - I'd read the PMBOK in its entirely and take at least one test prep class. In addition to the test prep class, I'd suggest taking as many practice tests as you can.

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