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I would recommend PowerScore Full Length LSAT course if it is being offered where you can conveniently attend.
by on 7/5/2014 12:13 PM

I attended PowerScore Full Length LSAT Course in preparation for the October 2010 LSAT. The course was about 12 weeks long and met twice a week for either lessons or taking practice exams. The classes were about 4 hours long, which was perfect for either taking, or breaking down the answers on a practice exam.

The syllabus of the course also covered a great breadth and depth of the different kinds of questions and how to approach them. Each instructional period would focus on a different kind of commonly asked question from each section, and the whole class would work through each question type. The lessons on the question type really explained how the question and answers were written, and how to approach them beyond just basic test taking skills, or trial and error. Another part of the course was 5 proctored full length practice exams. Taking the exam under approximate test conditions, both measured my progress, and was great practice.

PowerScore's advertising claims that their instructors all scored in the 99th percentile and mine certainly did. He was a really bright guy who decided on a PhD program instead of law school, and was a very good instructor.

While the course syllabus combined with the quality of instructors distinguished PowerScore, the books and supplemental material online were standard fare, consisting mostly of downloadable LSAT practice exams, and some example and explanation type quizzes. A tutoring hotline and instant message feature are included, although I never used them. Our instructor also offered to meet with us individually to discuss the law school admissions process, and to read over our personal statements. I'm not sure if that is actually included with the course, but it speaks to the kinds of people PowerScore has as instructors.

I would recommend PowerScore Full Length LSAT course if it is being offered where you can conveniently attend because the instructors were great, the classes were helpful, it includes all of the supplemental and support materials as other full-length courses, and it tends to be less expensive than other full length courses.

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