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Overall I am really glad I invested in this course.
by on 5/29/2014 10:34 PM

One of the most beneficial aspects of the LSAT Advantage - On Site class was the way that the Kaplan kept me on track with studying. I knew that I was not capable of studying on my own. I am the type of person that would have just thumbed through a practice book at a coffee shop without really digesting any of the material. This was the primary reason I signed up for the class. I then found out that there were other advantages as well.

Kaplan provides a diagnostic test and subsequent practice tests that tracked my individual progress. I found this information very helpful. By accessing the information online, Kaplan identified the key problems I was having and identified what areas that I needed to work on. This is something that would have taken too much time for me to figure out on my on. It was easy to just glance at a graph and now what material I needed to dive into. For example, when I started the course I was getting around 32% of Logic Game Questions correct. Kaplan tracked my progress and by the end of the course I was getting 93% of Logic Game Questions correct.

There was also the advantage of having a trained professional grade the essay section and provide comments and feedback. Further, I liked having a teacher that I could ask immediate follow-up questions in class right when I had them.

When I took the class, there was a guarantee that if you did not receive the score you anticipated on the LSAT then you could re-take LSAT Advantage - On Site all over again. There was a requirement, however, that you complete a certain number of online exercises and keep up with the material.

I fell behind on the online work and my recommendation would be to actually complete this work. My score probably would have improved even more if I had completed the online practice questions.

My primary complaint about this class was that it was very fast paced. You basically have a little less than two months to prepare for the test. It was my only choice, however, because I had decided to take the LSAT rather late. My advice is to start studying a little earlier. I felt like I was cramming and it could be a bit overwhelming (but nothing as overwhelming as the first year of law school so I guess it actually prepared me for more than the LSAT).

Overall I am really glad I invested in this course. My score only improved a couple of points, but I was able to receive a scholarship (and did not have to take out any loans for law school). The $1,429.00 up front for the course was well worth getting that scholarship, which I doubt I would have received if not for an improved LSAT score and the help of Kaplan. If someone is unable to afford a course, my advice would be to take as many practice tests as possible.

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Get the LSAT score you want with Kaplan LSAT Test Prep!
Includes every resource you could possibly need to fully prepare for the LSAT.
by on 8/25/2014 9:55 AM

Kaplan's LSAT Advantage course includes every resource you could possibly need to fully prepare for the LSAT. Although I was disappointed with Kaplan's GMAT prep books, it has mastered LSAT preparation. At $1200-$1400, the price may seem daunting. Keep in mind, however, that a high score can put you in the running for a scholarship offer. After enrollment, you'll gain access to more resources than are necessary; study books, 3 full-length exams set in a test-day atmosphere, live and online instruction, and literally thousands of practice questions.

Looking back, I'd probably prefer the online course instead. But that's just me, I don't get much out of live instruction. I prefer to teach myself and progress at my own pace. My one complaint is the class schedule; 7 classes at 4-hours each. If you follow the suggested schedule, you'll be fine ? but one month didn't seem to be enough for me. In order to maximize the benefit, you must complete the homework assignments and study outside of class.

The biggest advantage is Kaplan's strategy for answering each question type within each section. It may seem counterintuitive or uncomfortable at first, but it saves much needed time. It's most useful in the logical reasoning and logic games sections. From the first diagnostic exam to the final test, my score raised 25+ points. Again though, I must stress the importance of studying outside of class and/or studying prior to the first day.

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