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Common Mistakes at IELTS Advanced: And How to Avoid Them Reviews

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Help focus on the realities of IELTS Writing.
by on 7/27/2014 5:50 PM

Worrying about your IELTS Writing score? A vocabulary book is not what you need. Instead, you should go for this book. Why? You will understand if you have read any model essays written by the IELTS graders. Surprisingly, they do not have difficult vocabulary in them. They are graded a perfect score because of their neat structure and flawless grammar usage. However, it is quite hard to improve your writing style in a short time. So, improving your grammar will be the best option. This book is written based on the analysis of mistakes in the Cambridge Learner Corpus. Every chapter highlights a common mistake that students may never aware of. If you are those people who hate grammar and answer the grammar test question with a "it sounds correct" attitude, trust me, this book will surprise you! And for those who are ESL students like me, I understand that grammar errors are always inevitable because of the cultural difference. I found this book really helpful not only in preparing for the IELTS test, but also in improving my writing skills.

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