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by on 7/5/2014 12:13 PM

Kaplan International has a well-known reputation in test preparation, especially IELTS. They have highly competent teachers, who provide extensive advice on each area that needs to be focused on. Staff are also very friendly and supportive, with conducive to learning classrooms and common rooms where students can rest, read or eat. Also available are various review materials that can be borrowed upon request.

The wonderful feature of Kaplan Review is its structure. It is designed to introduce students to the nature of IELTS as well as advice on what module to take ? this is dependent upon which purpose are you doing the test and what country is your target. Australia and UK have a high requirement with all 7 in one sitting for skilled workers and higher degree courses, Canada needs 7 in Listening and US needs 7 in Speaking with the rest of the subtests at 6.5. There is a specific time for classroom study as well as self-study or laboratory. They also provide one on one teaching on Writing and Speaking parts of the exam ? which is very reasonable because a lot of people find these subtests the hardest. The exams are presented in an orderly fashion, easy first proceeding to ascending difficulty and then maintaining it at a level that is at par with the actual exam. Some teachers would also be kind enough to allow you to send them your writing outputs to be checked even when the course is done. The materials are inclusive upon enrolling at the center, hence you will not find any materials when you go to KAPLAN'S website. You have to go and walk into the center, enroll yourself and be there every day until your class ends.

I highly recommend attending KAPLAN review for IELTS for those who are willing to pay extra money to get expert help and assessment for the exam ? they will tell you if you are ready for your target score or otherwise. This is required for people who are too distracted or not confident to study on their own since the program is meticulous and of high standard. If one is working, I suggest that they file for leave to be able to maximize the review in the center. If you are a non-native English speaker with moderate English language skills but needs a high score in IELTS or beginners in overall English but needs to pass IELTS, then attending KAPLAN review center is definitely for you.

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