International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

101 Helpful Hints for IELTS General Training Module Reviews

from Garry Adams & Terry Peck

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This is the real textbook for IELTS test takers.
by on 5/29/2014 10:34 PM

This is the real textbook for IELTS test takers. All the aspects of test preparation are explained at length with very relevant examples like setting achievable goal, maintaining regularity in study, increasing time efficiency and reading speed, enhancing memory retention for information while skimming, overall time management, making logical guesses for answers, etc. In addition factors contributing to increasing skills in all four modules are illustrated separately.

Listening : How to predict answers before being played, write in shorthand while listening, pick words and phrases that are stressed, etc. There are useful tips on different types of questions like filling gaps, short questions, multiple choice questions, true-false, etc.

Reading : How to handle different types of questions, what to look for, where and how and in which sequence; how to skim and scan; how to locate a specific answer quickly and where to look, etc.

Writing : Many helpful tips on presentation and layout of the whole write up, how to achieve good but easy structure, interesting way of writing, process of analyzing a topic with the help of idea web/map, making synopsis and write up plan, extensive lists of connective words and phrases, cause and effect relationship and comparison and contrast relationship. Writing structures and styles of Task 1 and Task 2 are addressed individually with lists of examples.

Speaking : Discussion on the mind set up for the speaking test, relevant dos and don'ts, preferable words and phrases to use, process of making short synopsis in topic card, etc. Preparation for all the three parts of the test are explained in detail and separately.

Later in the book there are some practice tests and it is also advised how to utilize those test questions. I would highly recommend this book to everyone, both starters and already in the middle of test preparation, you are guaranteed to find quite a handful of directions and tips, no matter how prepared you are, that will help you in the IELTS test. The following book enhances the benefits of this one immensely.

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