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by tomm33 on 6/2/2014 9:46 AM

Well, it took me 6 weeks to prepare GMAT. In those 6 weeks I have dedicated almost 100% of my time to the test. I took 2 month unpaid vacation from my work and I have started to prepare myself.

First I have passed all the material that would be covered in the test, than I have started solving the test question. Having the technical background and strong analytic skills the Quantitative part was not a problem for me but as non native English speaker I had to push really hard in verbal part.

After, I have passed all the questions from my materials I have stared to test myself on practice tests. The test lasts for 4 hours so the challenge is to be equally concentrated for the whole period of time. Also another important fact is to ...

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by alo_maruko on 8/10/2014 4:48 PM

Generally, to study for GMAT, you need to set a goal (your targeted band, time frame) and a detailed timetable. Depending on your current level and expected score, the average time to prepare for the test may vary, but I would say spend at least 4 months to 8 months to prepare for GMAT, since it takes time to fluent the skills needed for GMAT.

Start your GMAT preparation by the Official guide by GMAC – the creator of the test. The most updated book at the moment is 14th edition (2015). Read closely to understand the format of the test, test-taking suggestions, and the real GMAT questions – they are retired from past GMAT exams.

Also, install the GMATPrep software (downloadable at on your computer. It gives you 2 full tests with detailed explanations, tips on GMAT, and many practice ...

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by binaphilip on 5/9/2015 3:31 PM

The most important thing to keep in mind is to continually evaluate your leaning and performance while preparing for this test. Give as many mock tests as possible and get some guidance to evaluate your performance if you can afford it. Identify your weak areas and make this the focus of your preparation time. Topics you are good at only need practice but the topics you are not doing very well at - you need learning and more practice. So, don't neglect the topics you may not be doing well at. These areas must be your focus. Take full length timed tests so your performance evaluation is accurate. Taking full length tests helps with building attention span.

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by BGPCEliza on 2/5/2015 11:39 AM

Hi my name is Eliza and I scored a 770 on the GMAT and have been a GMAT tutor ever since. These are five essential habits and practices for effective GMAT studiers.

1) Take a practice test first, that way you can assess your needs and plan accordingly.

2) Take notes. There is too much to remember without writing it down, so be an active learner by taking notes and periodically reviewing everything.

3) Go over answers. The best way to improve your strategy is to analyze your mistakes, so don't gloss over the answers after doing practice questions. Take the time to figure out what went wrong.

4) Build your mental endurance. Train your brain to fully concentrate for the full 3.5 hours that it will have to by taking at least a few full length practice tests. ...

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by chitran on 7/6/2014 3:39 AM

I took the GMAT on January, 2009. I spent 12 weeks to prepare for the GMAT test and my grade was 600 for the first try. I was lucky to find the right material for studying at the right time. I was so nervous before actually studying for the exam. The fear of the language made me so stressed and over-whelming because English is my second language. I came to the U.S since 2008, only one year from the day I took the test. For the first week of studying, I had no idea what it would be in the test. Thus, I just tried to focus on my weakness, Verbal problems. I kept doing that process for a week and felt no improvement. I was so stressed and depressed. However, after doing a lot of researches about the GMAT ...

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by mykasd on 7/3/2014 2:47 AM

I took the GMAT two times. When I was preparing for the first, I took a Kaplan course complete with the test books, practice materials, and CD with a practice CAT (computer adaptive test). Learning the methods and strategies was helpful but I only did okay (mid-600s). The second time around, I exclusively took practice tests. I took full length tests every other day online using Kaplan ( and also the Princeton Review ( Every day in between, I reviewed the answers to my tests and studied my weaknesses. This taught me time management and taught me when I needed to simply guess on a question and move on. The second time taking the GMAT I scored a 720. It's all about time management and getting comfortable with test taking.

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by staceyanderson on 7/8/2014 9:49 PM

When studying for the GMAT, I started by working through all the test prep books I could get my hands on. After awhile, I just couldn't take in any more information and I experienced diminishing returns; the more I studied, the less I was learning. I learned to break up studying between books, videos, podcasts and blogs. I would put either a podcast or audiobook on my iPod and go for a walk. The fresh air helped relax me and I could still listen and learn through my headphones.

There's really nothing I can tell you about the material on the test that you won't learn from the huge amount of resources out there. The best advice I can give is to make sure to allow your brain to learn and absorb in different ...

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My GMAT study - Well, it took me 6 weeks to prepare GMAT. In those 6 weeks I have dedicated almost 100% of my time to the test. I took 2 month unpaid vacation from my work and I have started to prepare myself. ...

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