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Lambers CPA Review: print materials = well developed, online materials = slightly lacking.
by on 5/14/2014 10:45 PM

My employer was connected with Lambers CPA Review and offered to purchase the initial supplies for my CPA exam prep. I initially received the comprehensive package which offered a set of 4 (one per exam section) books which contained printed materials to review and sample questions. Also included were computer based resources which were compromised of video lectures and sample exams for each section of the exam.

I really liked that I had both printed and computer based materials to utilize. For the computer based materials, it was helpful to be able to track progress and print things out. The books were also helpful during times it wasn't practical to have a computer out. I often utilized the books on car trips and in airports/on planes.

In the future, I feel as the printed materials were well developed and I felt as if the online materials were slightly lacking. I would have liked some ability to take a sample test for a section and have the test graded by strengths and weaknesses. Then, the test taker can better focus their exam prep time.

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