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Roger CPA Review's lectures were informative and as fun as they could be.
by on 6/22/2014 10:34 PM

I had previously been exposed to the Becker CPA review software. I found the lectures to be incredibly boring and it was hard to stay focused and participate in the 35 hours of lectures. I identified that it was important to have a charismatic and fun presenter. With that in mind, I selected Rogers CPA Review . The lectures were informative and as fun as they could be, Roger used a series of creative acronyms, songs, silly jokes and entertaining stories to help you remember and memorize needed information for the CPA exam. As well the program had a lot of test taking strategy's that taught you how to eliminate wrong answers, when to guess and how to manager time effectively.

The text books were abridged copies of the lectures that highlighted the key points. These could not be used as a study source alone. But they reviewed the lectures and reinforced the principles that had been expanded. The test books seemed highly plagiarized from GLEIM, The books had thousands of questions with detailed multi-paragraph answers to every one of them. These books were very helpful.

This program did not cover all the possible topics that you could see on the exam. Roger chose to focus on the information that you would most likely come across. He said this made up 80% of the needed information and 90% of what you would be tested on. This strategy is to score highly on the easier and more frequent questions but neglecting the lower frequency topics. This strategy served me well most of the time. I did fail an exam that had a 15% question on a topic that was only covered by one paragraph in the text.

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Wiley CPAexcel CPA Review
Roger CPA Review's lectures were informative and as fun as they could be.
by on 9/16/2015 3:22 AM

I can easily say that Roger CPA review was a huge contributor to my success in passing the CPA with high scores, passing each section on the first try, and passing before almost all of my peers in my Master's program. To give a little bit of context, I was studying for the CPA exam while enrolled in a Master’s in Accounting program full time. Most of the students in the program had the credits necessary to start sitting for the exams, and were set up with review courses (usually Becker) offered by their firms. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to have a choice between both resources (Becker and Roger), I ended up choosing Roger CPA. Here's why:

1. Energy - Roger's lecturing style brings a breath of fresh air to what can be some seriously dull topics. While his humor is not for everyone, I certainly appreciated all of his mnemonics and humor. When you're spending months, and potentially years studying through the material, having someone to keep the material light and entertaining really makes a difference.

2. Material - Roger's review course really does focus on the areas that are most heavily tested. If you're looking to ace every single question in every single topic, then Becker is probably a better choice. That said, all of my scores were above the passing score of 75 and I passed the first time, meaning I had a good margin of error even though some topics weren't as heavily reviewed.

3. The Wiley Test Bank - The key to success in the CPA exam is drilling multiple choice questions into your head. Most of Wiley's test bank questions (that were provided as part of Roger CPA's review package) are test questions taken from old CPA exams, which gives an extremely insightful look into what you're going to see on test day. Wiley also has a ridiculous amount of test questions, so you'll probably never be out of material to review.

4. Organization - I found Roger's materials to be very well organized. Most accounting material and topics are related to each other, meaning if you see mention of one topic in a seemingly unrelated section, then it's probably there for a good reason. One way to explain this is in FAR, you will likely come across deferred tax assets and liabilities. The material goes on to explain some tax concepts (that are usually reserved for REG), and why the taxable income and book income may differ, thus creating the need for a deferred tax asset or liability. Because these topics are interrelated, it's good to have them mentioned multiple times for reinforcement.

Overall, I would definitely use Roger CPA review again if I had the choice. His style of teaching aligns more closely with the way that I learn best. The only downfall to Roger's program is that it is not offered by as many of the public accounting firms as a CPA review course option. I know that most public accounting firms have contracts with Becker, and will offer a code to download the Becker materials. This is a downfall to not having as much reach within the big firms.

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