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Has it all? practice tests, time management, testing strategies.
by on 7/27/2014 5:49 PM

The Real ACT Prep Guide was a very helpful book to have studying for the ACT. In this book there are five practice tests, all with an optional writing test. The tests in this book ask questions similar to those on the ACT while supplying you with explanations for all right and wrong answers. Being able to time yourself, while taking the practice test, will prepare you for how long you will be able to spend on each question when the time comes to take the actual exam. Besides offering great practice tests and effective time management, The Real ACT Prep Guide offers great testing strategies for each of the five subjects found on the ACT: English, Math, Science, Reading and Writing. It re-covers important topics taught in class that generally appear on the ACT exam and teaches you how to prepare for "the day of." If you utilize this book to its potential, scoring high on the ACT will be a breeze!

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A must-buy for the practice tests, not the strategy.
by on 7/27/2014 5:49 PM

Although the test strategy mentioned inside the book is too general, the five "real" practice tests are invaluable. The biggest advantage of this book is that it is published by the ACT graders. Since the ACT questions are made based on restricted curriculum and statistical data, the questions and tricks are somewhat predictable. In other words, the ACT test will never surprise you by questioning 75 punctuation questions in the English section or a few calculus questions in Math section. Consequently, this book is undoubtedly the best choice of mastering the ACT test. With its statistically validated questions and well-explained answers, this book can definitely help you to build up the familiarity in the ACT test format and diagnose your weakness. On the other hand, don't take too seriously the strategy provided. It may not be the best method. For example, the book suggests students make some notes after going through the text or graphs in the ACT science test. However, as the time is so limited, I found difficulties in doing so. To sum up, this book is a must-buy item for every ACT test taker.

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For reviewing material, this book is not the best
by on 6/22/2014 10:35 PM

The advantage to this book is that it has actual ACT tests from former years to practice on. Taking the practice tests in this book is exactly like taking the actual ACT, and it has a grading system, so that you can tell accurately what your score was, and how well you are doing. The practice tests in all other books are made up, and the grading system is often a bit of a guess.

For reviewing material, this book is not the best. It goes through all the individual tests, and has some review, but unlike other books, it doesn't include test-specific tricks that you can use to maximize your score. Because it's published by the makers of the ACT, the point is to give you what you need to answer the questions. A laudable goal indeed, but understanding the exact rules of the ACT, and how you can use them, is useful information, which you may not gain from reading this book.

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