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Enjoyed their attention to test taking strategies and tips.
by on 6/22/2014 10:35 PM

Cracking the ACT 2012 by the Princeton Review really made the difference for me between my two ACT scores, allowing me to bring my score up by a solid 4 points. First of all, in general, it's just a really solid guide. It's extremely comprehensive, covering every section in great depth, and it's all said and explained in an organized, friendly way that's really easily digestible and easy to understand. Also, I'm really glad that I reviewed the first few sections, because the Princeton Review always does a really good job explaining all the basic information about the test, format, and time ? all the nuts and bolts that you need to know ? so there aren't any surprised when you're walking into the test on the big day.

Another thing that I really liked about the book ? something that Princeton Review stresses pretty significantly in all of its books ? is that they do a great job of explaining all these different testing "strategies" and "tips" for taking the test. Princeton Review always does this thing in their test prep books where they emphasize their attitude towards the test ? that no standardized test actually accurately tests intelligence or skill level, but rather a student's ability to take that specific test. Because of that, I always felt it was less about learning as much as I possibly could about a subject, but rather understanding the testing system and learning effective strategies that are needed to score well. And that kind of approach has always worked really well for me thanks to the Princeton Review.

That being said there were some very minor things that could be improved in this edition. The practice tests that were offered in the book were actually, in my opinion, slightly easier than the actual test. I supplemented my practice tests by finding other resources for them ? you can find a lot of free online ACT practice tests, or go to another company like Barron's for more.

Also, there were a few trivial errors in the math section, but they weren't too hard to identify and ignore. The main thing to take from this excellent test prep resource is the strategies for scoring well. If you take the time to read this book and digest the information thoroughly, going through rough sections as needed, I'm sure you'll do well on the test.

Best of luck to everyone!

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More personal tone than the official ACT book.
by on 7/27/2014 5:49 PM

This book gives a very detailed analysis and comprehensive explanation about all you need to know for the ACT test. Unlike the official ACT prep book, the tone of this book is like an interesting private tutor talking about how to deal with the test smartly. It uses humorous examples to illustrate concepts. Honestly speaking, though it sounds a bit strange, I quite enjoyed reading this book.

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I found the book more boring than most due to its exceptional length and lack of humor.
by on 6/22/2014 10:34 PM

The Princeton Review included a very comprehensive overview of the ACT. My favorite part of this book was the practice tests at the back of the book. There is no better way to learn to take a long, wide-ranging, timed test than by practice, practice, practice! I appreciated the time they put into every question; however, I found the book more boring than most due to its exceptional length and lack of humor. Of course, this means that this book has a higher probability of helping anyone and everyone understand the concepts. If you are unfamiliar with the ACT, why it is used, what the different topics cover, and so forth then the book might be a valuable tool for you. Otherwise, I suggest skimming this book or using a shorter one.

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