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Grockit is the best kept secret in ACT.
by on 6/22/2014 10:34 PM

Grockit is the best kept secret in ACT (and other standardized test) prep. It's a website that transforms otherwise tedious review sessions into a game. All you have to do is log into the website and choose which section of the ACT you want to review?then, Grockit generates seemingly infinite numbers of practice questions. The questions pop up one by one, and you have between 3 and 8 minutes to answer each one (the time limit is always more than enough? you'll be given much more time on a passage-based reading question than on a vocabulary question, for example). After you submit your answer, Grockit explains each of the potential answers in depth, indicating why the wrong answers were wrong and the right ones right. It's the best way to learn, in my opinion, because instead of taking an entire test, getting totally worn out, and trying to review, you're answering and reviewing, answering and reviewing, over and over. It keeps the momentum going.

The faster you answer a question correctly, the more Grockit points you earn, and as you start to level up you receive silly little online badges that actually ended up motivating me. You can also participate in live study groups, which add a moderated chat room element to the review session experience, so you can "compete" with other students. Once the correct answer is revealed, you can also chat with the other students about why you got it right or wrong.

I have nothing bad to say about Grockit?it was by far my favorite ACT review resource. The ACT study groups were more under populated than the SAT study groups, so opportunities for live competition (which, I admit, I enjoyed) were more limited. Even so, Grockit saved me when I was cramming for the ACT two weeks before the test date. I used a traditional review book, too, but when you're in school eight hours a day and have lots going on after class, you can't always find large chunks of time for practice tests. So, Grockit was perfect for my brief twenty minute review sessions, which I could start and stop at any time. There's a monthly fee, but the site offers a free trial, and I truly believe the motivating and genuinely fun nature of Grockit justifies the cost. (Plus, if you find that Grockit works for you, it's far cheaper than hiring a tutor to keep you motivated!)

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