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from James D. Giovannini

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These are not your ordinary flash cards.
by on 7/27/2014 5:49 PM

Barron's ACT Flash Cards couldn't be any more useful when studying for the ACT. What I loved about these flash cards was that they are easily portable. They come with hole-punches in the top corner to connect to a ring which I found extremely helpful to keep the cards together. They are split into five subjects: English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing. These are not your ordinary flash cards. Personally, when I think of flash cards, I think of two to five words on each side, max; however these cards are more in-depth with the amount of material that is on the cards. They are in "sentence" structure. The English flash cards focus on primarily on punctuation, grammar and style format. The math is geared toward pre-algebra, equations, geometry and trigonometry (found on the ACT more often than you think). The reading cards elaborate on how to maximize on time to determine correct answers. This tactic overall helps those who are slower readers to speed up their strategy to answer each questions entirely. Science covers data research. Lastly, writing offers tips to create a strong essay, which we all know is a silent form of intelligence. Again, these are great to study with because you can section off what you would like to study while not feeling overwhelmed.

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