PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam

Looking for a study partner for the PMP Exam? Now you have a tool made specifically for that purpose:


What are the advantages of this tool vs. other methods?

  • Efficient – find matches without digging through every forum thread.
  • Private – share contact info with your matches, not the whole world.
  • Comprehensive – bring people together from several premed forums.

People have been signing up for the past couple weeks while we got everything coded and tested. While the study partner finder is available for many tests, the PMP is one of our most popular tests, due to original research such as 100 PMP Exam “Lessons Learned” Posts… All In One. This should mean more potential study partners for you.

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Test Preparation Tips

Kaizen - My journey to PMP certification - Before anything else, make sure you check the version of the PMP exam you're taking. You may be using an outdated material, and some topics may have changed. PMI has set a very strict ...

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