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Featured Content - The CPA Exam
Tips from Past CPA Test Takers

CPA Exam Tips: Focus on understanding the content
1. The best piece of advise I can give you is to focus on understanding the content. I have come across many many CPA candidates who just want to finish the exam, however, it is not so easy unless you emphasize understanding the concept. 2. Give equal importance to learning the concept and applying them by practicing the questions... [read more]

How to figure out what you are willing to go thru to become a CPA
The biggest mistake I made when I first started studying for the CPA exam was treating it like a college exam. I got through college by procrastinating, then cramming the week before the exam, and then somehow passing. When I applied this method to the CPA exam it meant failing all 4 parts in a row within 2-7 points! I DO NOT want this to be you! [read more]

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Featured Content - The PMP Exam
Tips from Past PMP Test Takers

Practicing Example Questions is a Key to Success
Not only have I gone through the process of successfully passing the PMI PMP Certification Exam on my first attempt, I now teach exam preparation courses to help others gain the valuable credential. There is no better way of learning than by doing, and taking lots of sample tests, quizzes, and practice exams is a key to passing the PMP Certification Exam. [read more]

How To Study for the PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam
If you decide to start, you will definitely make your way to PMP. For most of us who are procrastinating, believe me that you will pass your PMP exam the day you decide to start. There are many reasons to believe: 1) PMP exam is not a tough battle, it only requires a structured approach as you manage your projects. 2) It is really not hard to study, you only have to understand the concepts. 3) There is always a second chance, at the worst in case you fail, so do not worry. [read more]

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Featured Content - The ACT Exam
Popular ACT Study Materials
Tips from Past ACT Test Takers

What I Wished I Had Known When Studying For The ACT...
The ACT is such a comprehensive test it is difficult to know where to start! To add to the pressure, this test is one of the few things that will affect your life for years to come, should you plan on attending college. The good news is getting a satisfying score on the ACT is completely possible! It really all comes down to how much time you are willing to study... [ read more]

ACT Study Tip: Take as many practice exams as possible, time them, and then take more!
The ACT is not the SAT, and the sooner you recognize that, the better! When I first set out to study for the ACT, I figured I could do it the same way I had gone about studying for the SAT, but that it wouldn't take as much time after all, I'd basically already prepared myself for this exam too, right? Nope!... [read more]

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Featured Content - The SAT Exam
Popular SAT Study Materials

Tips from Past SAT Test Takers

If At First You Don't Succeed At The SAT, Try Again
The SAT is one of two major college tests used to calibrate millions of high school students for college admission. It seems that the SAT scoring might be slightly more difficult than that of the ACT due to the liberal arts colleges that require the SAT compared with the larger land grant universities that require the ACT for admission. The ACT also test on some actual knowledge...[read more]

SAT Study Tips: Share study materials, and focus on your weaknesses!
Two of the most important things I learned while preparing for the SAT were that your score and your wallet can benefit from studying with friends, and that even though it's not always the most fun, turning weaknesses into strengths is something you won't regret when test day rolls around. I know that when I was starting to look into SAT prep materials, I was shocked by how expensive they could be... [read more]

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Featured Content - The LSAT Exam
Popular LSAT Study Materials
Tips from Past LSAT Test Takers

LSAT: Preparation and Perspective
I know many people who were not sure they wanted to go to law school, and the LSAT can be much more difficult if you are not sure about the end result. I also know people who were good at taking standardized tests, and they just wanted to see how well they could do. My LSAT tutor actually fit into this category. There are others who take the LSAT on a whim and do incredibly well and then find themselves pressured...[read more]

Create or find a three month LSAT study plan and stick to it!!!
In terms of the LSAT, I cannot stress the importance of practicing daily on your weaknesses. As with many standardized tests, many people, when given an unlimited amount of time, can score well. However, there is a time limit. Learning how to take the test is only half the battle. Taking the test well in the allotted time is the real struggle...[read more]

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Featured Content - The GMAT Exam
Popular GMAT Study Materials

Tips from Past GMAT Test Takers

My GMAT study
Well, it took me 6 weeks to prepare GMAT. In those 6 weeks I have dedicated almost 100% of my time to the test. I took 2 month unpaid vacation from my work and I have started to prepare myself. First I have passed all the material that would be covered in the test, than I have started solving the test question. Having the technical background and strong analytic skills the Quantitative part was not a problem for me...[read more]

Get to know the common reasonings, practice, review and revise
Generally, to study for GMAT, you need to set a goal (your targeted band, time frame) and a detailed timetable. Depending on your current level and expected score, the average time to prepare for the test may vary, but I would say spend at least 4 months to 8 months to prepare for GMAT...[read more]

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Featured Content - The IELTS Exam
Popular IELTS Study Materials

Tips from Past IELTS Test Takers

Take Your Time To Get To Know IELTS
IELTS is the only exam in my life that I had to take thrice. I am telling you this so you will not take the exam lightly, especially if you need a Band Score of all 7 in one sitting. With the first two exams, I spent approximately two week's worth of studying - self review and attending classes via a review center. I was an overconfident examinee, thinking that it would be easy because I have been using and speaking English since pre-school. But then comes the first heartbreak... [read more]

Be natural and keep it real!
The significance of IELTS as arguably the most important English language test of our time seems to come mainly from increasing migration to English-speaking countries. Places like Australia, the UK and the USA have minimum English language requirements for people wanting to migrate there. Universities in those countries also have similar requirements for future students. Universities in those countries...[read more]

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Featured Content - The TOEFL Exam
Popular SAT Study Materials

Tips from Past TOEFL Test Takers

My advice for the people taking the TOEFL
TOEFL test is very challenging test of English Language. It's not something you can learn overnight. So, it's better to prepare as best as you can. It would be better if you can do it as better as you can so you don't have to take is second or third time, because, you will agree with me, $180 is not so small amount of money to take the test couple of time... [read more]

TOEFL iBT (Test Of English as a Foreign Language)
Firstly, I want to share with you that I started working on Toefl from the beginning; 3 years ago I could not write a complete sentence in English, and I have no idea about the test. Last April, I get a score of 105 (reading: 30/30, writing: 27/30, listening: 26/30, speaking: 22/30). I do not consider it a high score since many others do better... [read more]

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